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3 Apr 2008    Kaari's Story

This is an old letter from one of our first adoption search clients way back in 1995:

Hi everyone,

After two months of searching, I have finally made contact with my birth parents and their families. It started last Thursday and I met my birth father and his wife the very next day! We spent a day in Palm Springs and got along great. I’ve spoken to my paternal grandparents on the phone and they told me that when I was born, they made an agreement with my mother and maternal grandparents to take me and raise me, but when they showed up at the hospital to take me home, my maternal grandparents had changed their mind and opted for adoption. How sad, huh?...

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7 Apr 2007    Father Found!

America was a great place — Frank met, fell in love and married Jayne. He became an American Citizen and had a great job. Life was going along wonderfully, but still, he wondered about the man in the photo, his father. His wife, Jayne, contacted Research Etc., Inc. for help in finding Frank’s father...

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13 Feb 2007    Every Year, She Remembers a Certain Day...
It took Richard a long time to get up the nerve to search for the woman who relinquished him for adoption 50+ years ago. He was ahead of the game — he had a name, but no other information. When he contacted Research Etc., Inc. in early January, 1988, he was skeptical — afterall, it was only her maiden name, and what could you do with that?! In fact, Richard was even more skeptical about sending a retainer to a company that claimed they actually could find someone with very little information after 50 years. But, after several discussions and assurances that we would not take his money and run, Richard decided to give us a try...

13 Jan 2007    Seven Year Search Comes to a Happy Conclusion!
When Jason contacted us to assist in finding his birthmother, he was armed with lots of information he obtained during the past five years. He had her name, he had her birthdate, he knew where she was from, addresses she had been at and companies she had worked for. Simple, right? WRONG! First of all, her name was common, and second, the agency worker said she herself had tried to find her, yet she was convinced that Jason’s birthmother had fabricated her name and other information on her paperwork. What the agency worker did do, was reunite Jason with his half birthbrother, Ty in 1992. Ty, a year older than Jason, had also been relinquished through the same agency. Since then, the two have maintained a close relationship and have, together, gone in search of their birthmother...


4 Jan 2007    A Decision Only a Mother Can Make!
Cindy knew her birthmother’s name. Cindy knew where her birthmother was from. Cindy knew a lot - but Cindy didn’t know where her birthmother was now. Cindy, who lives in Mississippi, had spent quite a lot of money trying to find her birthmother. She had obtained a list of everyone she could find with her birthmother’s last name (at the time of her adoption) and had called every single one. Having no luck with this, she and her adoptive mother, Rita, enlisted the help of Research Etc, Inc., who had been recommended to Cindy by a friend whose own birth mother had been found by this search agency. Cindy and Rita are very close and Rita wanted as much as Cindy to find the very special woman, named Jo*, who had given Rita the precious gift of a child. We went right to work and within the week had located Cindy’s birthmother’s sister, Zelda. She lives only a few blocks from where Cindy grew up and where Rita still lives! We called Zelda and told her it was very important that we reach her sister Jo. We would not divulge why we needed to find her, but assured her that we were not stalkers, bill collectors, etc., just that it was important to find her. Zelda came unglued! She screamed, she yelled, she was spitting mad! She demanded to know what the call was about! She said that we had better NEVER call her again! She hung up on us! ...



11 Dec 2006    Tennessee Children's Home Society Case
We were contacted a year ago by Shari who was looking for her birth-grandmother, Vesta. Shari’s mother, Mary Lou, was adopted out of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society in the late 1930’s. Shari, who lives in New Mexico, had given us the information that her mother Mary Lou had been given, which was that Vesta was a 19 year old college student from Michigan. We went to work, but were coming up with dead ends. Nothing! We told Shari that we would have to enlist the help of Mary Lou, who lives in Florida, as she was the adoptee and she would be able to get more information. Shari spoke with her mother and told her about Research Etc., Inc. Shari asked us to call Mary Lou and talk with her. The phone call was uneasy. Mary Lou was reluctant to hire a search company. We didn’t hear from her again until about five months later when we received an envelope in the mail that contained nothing but the original adoption decree from Mary Lou’s adoption and a copy of a hospital record...



13 Oct 2006    A Silver Lining

Research Etc., Inc. was contacted by Leslie Jacobs*, a young woman who had been referred to us by another adopted client of ours whose birthparents we had found several months ago.

Leslie’s adopted mother, June*, had received Leslie’s original birth certificate in error shortly after Leslie was born. Although she sent it back in exchange for Leslie’s amended birth certificate, she had mentally carried Leslie’s birthmother’s name, age and city of residence around for 29 years — Minnie Silver*, 24 years old, Memphis, Tennessee.

Leslie also had some non-identifying information, which gave us some great clues about Minnie. After several agonizing weeks of waiting for additional records, we had the information that should have led us right to Minnie — Minnie’s mother’s name and address, but no phone number...

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20 Sep 2006    Is This About Sarah?

When Research Etc., Inc. was contacted by *Rachel to find her birthmother, we had nothing to go on, other than a little bit of non-identifying information. Add to that a state that holds tight to their records, and well, we had a bit of a challenge!

“Never fear!” we told Rachel, “We love a challenge, and don’t give up without a good fight!” We went straight to work and like magic, we obtained Rachel’s birthmother’s name — *Regina Katz. Taa-daa! We searched and found a Regina Katz in the next state over from where Rachel was born, who happened to be the right age. Could it be? Was this woman still using her maiden name 32 years later? Doubtful, but worth a shot, never-the-less...

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20 Sep 2006    I Will See You Again

When Michael came to us to locate his Birthmother, he had just received his non-identifying information from the adoption agency. The story they told was a sad one. The agency had reported that his Birthmother was in High School and had been raped after a graduation party. She had been sent away to another state to have her baby and returned home after he was born. His hopes were not high for a reunion, but he felt the burning desire to reach out to her and at least try to thank this courageous woman for giving him life and the chance to be raised by two wonderful parents. Of course, if she was willing, he would love a reunion and finally be able to know who he looked like and where he came from. Hopefully, she would be willing to provide him with some medical background, but at the very least, he wanted to let her know that he was alive and well and grateful for her decision to give him life.

Our search for Michael’s Birthmother took us around the United States, but we were finally able to locate her living just four hours from Michael - a coincidence, since both were currently living on the East Coast and Michael was born on the West Coast!...

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21 Aug 2006    Reunion Outcomes Aren't Always Fairytales
When Barbara contacted us to find her birth-sister through the Confidential Intermediary Program, she had high hopes of a happy reunion. We located Latesha, who was very excited that her birth-sister Barbara was looking for her. They spoke on the phone that night and since they lived in the same state, Barbara drove to meet Latesha. They had a nice visit and both women had high hopes for the beginning of a close relationship. Then something happened...



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