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Research Etc., Inc. is a full-service private investigator firm experienced in all aspects of information research. We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona (part of metropolitan Phoenix), but provide investigative services inside the United States and world wide. Our specialties include  adoption searches - reuniting adoptees with their birthmothers, birthfathers, siblings, and other birth family - as well as corporate investigations and information retrieval on national and international businesses and organizations.

We currently have four fully-licensed and bonded Private Investigators on staff in our Scottsdale office who are committed to client satisfaction and the thorough research of each individual case.

As licensed Arizona Private Investigators, we have access to on-line databases available only to P.I.s. This includes birth records, birth registries, marriage records, and other sources for the Phoenix metro area, all of Arizona, and nationwide. Although some private investigation agencies get their information from the same sources we do, they have to keep their costs high to pay for advertising while still maintaining a profit margin. At Research Etc., Inc., we get our business primarily through word-of-mouth from satisfied clients and thus keep our advertising costs at a minimum. 


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