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 Research Etc., Inc. provides thorough and cost-effective Pre-Employment Screening Services
for the large or small Employer needing fast and reliable background checks on prospective employees.

Something as simple as checking out a job applicant before your hire them, secures your workplace by ensuring that you, as an employer, have done everything possible to hire quality employees and provide a safe and productive work environment for your existing employees. 

Why Pre-Screen A Prospective Employee?

 Many employers feel that they can judge whether a job applicant is a good candidate just by meeting with them and calling a few references listed on the application. This practice can not only be dangerous, it can be costly. The old adage “You can’t judge a book by its cover” is especially true when hiring someone to work in your office or represent your company... read full article at

Types of records and searches provided:

  • Workers’ Compensation Records
  • All Levels of Criminal and Civil Court Records (US)
  • All Levels of Criminal and Civil Court Records (Canada)
  • Education Verification
  • Previous Employment Verification
  • Specialized Licensing Verification & History
  • Motor Vehicle and/or Driver’s History

Employers registering for Pre-Employment Screening services may request that we confidentially keep your information on file for ease of subsequent services. There is never a sign-up or subscription fee charged, and your searches will be ready to processas soon as you request them.

Workers' Compensation Records - Available States

Research Etc., Inc. provides Workers’ Compensation record checks for Employers needing fast, reliable, and cost-effective background checks on prospective employees. As a reliable source of information on an applicant, Workers’ Comp records identify those who may have a history of fraudulent claims. 

All Worker's Compensation records checks that we conduct are in full compliance with the Federal ADA.  Denying employment to a job applicant based on a past Worker's Compensation claim is against the law.  For a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the ADA and hiring laws, visit their site at:

Current States Covered
Please email us for availability of Workers’ Compensation records in other states.

  • Alaska - Arizona - Arkansas - Colorado- Connecticut -Delaware - Hawaii - Illinois - Kansas - Kentucky
  • Louisiana - Maine - Minnesota - Montana - Nebraska - North Dakota - New Hampshire - Nevada - Ohio
  • Oklahoma - Oregon - So. Carolina - So. Dakota -Tennessee Utah - Virginia - Vermont - W. Virginia

These states do not provide Workers’ Compensation information to anyone other than the applicant:

  • California - Georgia - Indiana - Michigan -Missouri - North Carolina - New Jersey - New York 
  • Rhode Island - Texas - Washington - Wisconsin

United States Criminal & Civil Court Records

The information provided on Criminal Records checks varies by state.  Most states’ Criminal Records include Defendants Name, Aliases, SSN, DOB, Charge, Date of Offense, City or County of Offense, Case Number, Disposition, Disposition Date and some Sentencing Information.

Civil Court Records - court records that involve civil lawsuits between two or more parties - are not held "statewide."  They can be held in Justice or Magistrate's Courts, Municipal or City Courts, District or Superior Courts and Federal Courts. 

Because types of records and atheir availability vary widely from state to state, please call 1.800.992.3571 / 480.664.4345 or email .An experienced investigator will be happy to assist you!

  • Alabama - Alaska - Arizona - Arkansas - California - Colorado - Connecticut - Delaware - Florida 
  • Georgia - Hawaii - Idaho - Illinois - Indiana - Iowa - Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana - Maine 
  • Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan - Minnesota - Mississippi - Missouri - Montana - Nebraska 
  • Nevada - New Hampshire -New Jersey - New Mexico - New York - North Carolina - North Dakota
  • Ohio - Oklahoma - Oregon - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island - South Carolina - South Dakota 
  • Tennessee - Texas - Utah - Vermont - Virginia - Washington - West Virginia - Wisconsin - Wyoming

Canadian Criminal & Civil Court Records  NEW!

Education Verification

For individuals applying for middle to upper management positions, Education Verification is a critical element of the Employer's Background Check process.  At Research Etc., we have found that, even more than dishonesty regarding criminal past, a white-collar job applicant is much more likely to falsify their educational background on a resume.  It is astounding, really, how many applicants falsify information about their education - going so far as to create phony school transcripts and even diplomas! 

In this age of huge Internet jobbing sites, where competition for jobs in specialized fields is fierce, the Employer has to be much more diligent in their efforts to make sure a particular applicant has the qualifications and credentials for the job. This cannot be done simply through a face-to-face interview with the applicant whereby the Employer just has a "good feeling" about the individual.  High paying jobs requiring specific training often attract a most creative applicant - one who is charming, who has done the research in order to "talk the talk" and who is a virtual whiz at Photoshopping documents - all in an effort to get the job and avoid having the Employer verifiy their education.

In our experience, we have caught discrepancies in about 50% of job applicants' edcuational claims.  Not every deceptive applicant goes as far as falsifying documents.  The most common deceptions we encounter are things such as; the applicant did not attend the school or college, either at all or did not graduate, the applicant's GPA does not match what is on the resume, the applicant's degree is not in the field reported.

It is essential for an Employer to perform the background check BEFORE hiring the applicant.  It creates a very uncomfortable situation, not to mention a costly one, when an Employer hires an applicant after a "feel good" interview and then does a background check, sure it will turn out fine - only to find out it is not fine

We can't say it enough:  Check credentials before hiring anyone!

Past Employment Verification & History

Many companies perform their own in-house employment verification by having Human Resources, the Office Secretary or, if a small business, the Proprietor, calling the contact person provided by the applicant.  Sometimes it's impossible to get verification on one or more of the past jobs listed because the company no longer exists, the phone number has been disconnected or the company is so huge that it's just too much of a nightmare to try to get a phone number for their corporate office and then to actually reach a live person. 

FACT:  It is extremely unlikely that an applicant will provide a prospective employer with the name and phone number of a person who will give them a bad review.  This applies to a former employer or a personal reference.

EXAMPLE:  How many times have you called a personal reference who has told you that your job applicant would make a terrible employee?  Never?  We actually did have a case where a personal reference admitted to us that his buddy, although a good friend, wouldn't be a very good worker.  Knowing how to interview personal references sometimes yields surprising results!

FACT:  If your state allows for Worker's Compensation checks, additional former employers, not listed on the application may come to light - those are the employers you might be most interested in knowing about. 

EXAMPLE:  We recently ran a Background Check on an applicant who didn't have a very extensive work history for a man of his age.  When we ran his Worker's Comp history, we found he had an extremely extensive work history.  He had failed to disclose 11 jobs that he spent an average of 1-2 months at each, and he filed Worker's Compensation claims at every single one.

FACT:  By law, in many states, a former employer may only disclose dates of employment, position held while in employ and whether or not an individual is eligible for rehire. In some states, the former employer will not disclose whether or not the individual is eligible for rehire.

EXAMPLE:  The information a former employer discloses about your applicant will always vary.  Large corporations who know the law, usually stick to just the facts, while a small business owner may put a more "personal" spin on their verification.

FACT:  It is easier and often far less expensive to have Research Etc. obtain Past Employment Verification & History on your applicant. It is common to have to make numerous calls in order to reach the individual reference provided, wait on hold to speak to a live person, fax letter requests or authorization forms, etc.  Performing reference checks sounds as simple as making a phone call, but those who do it, know how time intensive it can sometimes be.  In business, time is money and if a business owner or their employee is spending too much time on trying to chase down a reference, it is a waste of time and money. 

EXAMPLE:  When you perform Pre-Employment Screening through Research Etc., the cost to check a reference, either professional or personal, costs as little as $10 per reference.  See our Pre-Employment Screening Packages or call to discuss custom package options.

Specialized Licensing Verification

Motor Vehicle and/or Driver History




Form Downloads:

  • Record Search Request Form - to be filled out by Employer for each prospective employee with the appropriate required searches selected.

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