State Programs & Registries
International Soundex Reunion Registry (ISRR)
P.O. Box 371179
Las Vegas, Nevada 89137
(775) 882-7755 or 888-886-ISRR


Research Etc. recommends signing up with this trusted agency as the first step in a triad member’s search. 

State Programs & Registries


Alabama - Search & Consent - C.I.


                Search and Consent with Affidavit System for adoptee age 19.
                Court appointed intermediary by AA request when no consent on file.

                Has a registry; intermediaries may do search via registry filings


                Family Services (Adoptions)

                50 Ripley Street

                Montgomery, AL 36130




Alaska - Open Records


                Adoptee 18 or older can receive the original birth certificate.
                Birth parent can receive names and addresses if there is consent on file.


                Family & Youth Services (Adoptions)

                PO Box 110630

                Juneau, AK 99811-0630


Arizona - C.I. Program


                The Confidential Intermediary Program certifies and monitors               

                Confidential Intermediaries (CIs) through the Certification and        

                Licensing Division of the Arizona Supreme Court. CIs provide a             

               service to help facilitate contact between parties of an adoption               

               (Adoption triad members) or siblings separated as a result of a                

               dependency action (SIX).


                Call or email for more information:


          (602) 452-3957

                (TT) (602) 452-3545



                Child/Youth/Families Adoptions

                PO Box 6123

                Phoenix, AZ 85005


Arkansas - Adoption Registry - Agency Registries - C.I.*


                *Court order for confidential intermediary.

                Each agency must retain a registry.

                Arkansas Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry
                P.O. Box 1437, Slot 808
                Little Rock, AR 77203-1437
                (501) 682-8462


                Child/Family Services (Adoptions)

                Div. Social Services Adoptions

                PO Box 1437 (Slot 636)

                Little Rock, AR 72203

                (501) 682-1569


California - Affidavit System - Adoption Registry


                Affidavit system for adoptions finalized after January 1, 1984.


                Mutual Consent Program


                California Department of Social Services
                Adoption Support Unit
                744 P Street, MS 3-31
                Sacramento, CA 95814


Colorado - C.I. Program - Adoption Registry


                Colorado Confidential Intermediary Services
                P.O. Box 260460
                Lakewood, CO 80226-0460
                (303) 237-6919



                Colorado Voluntary Adoption Registry
                Colorado Department of Health
                4300 Cherry Creek Drive, South
                Denver, CO 80222-1530
                (303) 692-2188

Connecticut - Adoption Registry - Agency Registries - Search & Consent


                Each agency must maintain a registry.

                Intermediary Waiver System.


                Connecticut Department of Children and Families
                Office of Foster and Adoption Services
                505 Hudson Street
                Hartford, CT 06106
                (860) 550-6578
                (860) 550-6726 (fax)



Delaware - Search & Consent



                 If birth parents have not filed a veto, adoptees can obtain their original               

                 birth certificate at age 21.


                Children/Youth/Family (Adoptions)

                1825 Faulkland Road

                Wilmington, DE 19805


Washington D.C. - No State Registry


                Non Identifying Information at court’s discretion.


                Dept. Human Health Services/ Adoptions

                609 “H” St. NE, 3rd Floor

                Washington, DC 20002



Florida - Adoption Registry - Notice & Consent - C.I.*


                *if no consent by birth parent then adult adoptee can request a CI to   

                 contact birth parent to be advised of the registry.        


                Florida Adoption Reunion Registry
                Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitation Services
                2811-E Industrial Plaza Drive
                Tallahassee, FL 32301
                (850) 353-0679
                (800) 962-3678


                Dept. Child/Families/Adoption

                1317 Winewood Blvd. #7

                Tallahassee, FL 32399-0700



Georgia - Adoption Registry - Notice & Consent


                Notice and Consent for adult adoptee.

                Office of Adoptions
                Permanency Support Unit
                Attn: Reunion Registry
                Suite 13-400
                2 Peachtree Street, NW
                Atlanta, GA 30303-3142
                (404) 657-3559

                Dept. Child/Family/Adoptions

                2 Peachtree St., NW, 13th Floor

                Atlanta, GA 30308

                (404) 657-3458

Hawaii - Adoption Registry - Notice & Consent


                Notice and Consent for adult adoptee.

                Family Court Registry
                Court Management Services
                777 Punchbowl Street
                Honolulu, HI 96811


                Dept. Human Services/Adoptions

                800 Richards St. Ste 400

                Honolulu, HI 96813

                (808) 586-5704


Idaho - State Adoption Registry


                Voluntary Adoption Registry
                Vital Records Section
                Center for Vital Statistics and Health Policy
                450 W. State Street
                P.O. Box 83720
                Boise, ID 83720-0036
                (208) 334-5990



Illinois - C.I. Program & Adoption Registry


                Confidential Intermediary Service of Illinois
                Nancy Golden
                3166 Des Plaines River Road Suite 23
                Des Plaines, IL 60018
                (847) 298-9096



                Illinois Department of Public Health
                Division of Vital Records
                Adoption Registry
                605 W. Jefferson
                Springfield, IL 62702
                (217) 782-6553


                Children/family Services/Adoptions

                405 E. Monroe - # 225

                Springfield, IL 52706

                (217) 524-2422




Indiana - C.I. Program & Adoption Registry


                Active registry for those adoptions finalized through December 31,

                1993 . Court order for confidential intermediary.


                Indiana Adoption History Registry
                Attn: Registrar, Vital Records Division
                P.O. Box 1964
                Indianapolis, IN 46206-1964
                (317) 233-7253


                Department Family/Children/Adoptions

                402 W. Washington St.

                Indianapolis, IN 46204


Iowa - State Registry, Intermediary System, Affidavit System


                Affidavit system for adult adoptee & birth parent.

                Court Order opens pre June 4, 1941 records


                Department Child/Family/Adoption

                Hoover State Office Bldg.

                Des Moines, IA 50319


Kansas - Open - Search & Consent


                Original Birth Certificate available for adult adoptee.
                Search and Consent for birth parent, adult adoptee.


                Social/Rehab Services


                915 SW Harrison - 5th Floor

                Topeka, KS 66606


Kentucky - Adoption Registry - Intermediary System - Search & Consent


                BP consent to release to adult adoptees kept on file.


                Program Specialist
                Department for Social Services
                275 East Main Street
                Sixth Floor, West
                Frankfort, KY 40621
                (502) 564-2147


Louisiana - Adoption Registry


                Louisiana Adoption Registry
                P.O. Box 3318
                Baton Rouge, LA 70821
                (504) 342-9922
                (800) 259-2456


Maine- Adoption Registry - Open before 1953


                Birth Certificates open before September 23, 1953.

                Maine State Adoption Reunion Registry
                Office of Vital Records
                221 State Street
                Augusta, ME 04330-0011
                (207) 287-3181


Maryland - C.I. Program. - Adoption Registry


                Maryland Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry
                Social Services Administration
                Sharon Hackett
                311 West Saratoga Street
                Baltimore, MD 21201
                (410) 767-7372


Massachusetts - Adoption Registry - Search & Consent


                Adoption Search Coordinator
                Massachusetts Department of Social Service
                24 Farnsworth Street
                Boston, MA 02210
                (617) 727-0900


Michigan - C.I. Program & Adoption Registry


                The confidential intermediary program was established as a court         

                administered program, available through the court for those adoptions  

                in which the former parents’ rights were terminated on or after May 28, 1945

               and before September 12, 1980.


                    Department of Human Services
                P.O. Box 30037
                235 S. Grand Ave.
                Lansing, Michigan 48909

                Telephone: (517) 373-2035
                Fax: (517) 335-6101
                TTY: (517) 373-8071


                Central Adoption Registry
                Michigan Family Independence Agency
                Mary Arens
                P.O. 30037
                Lansing, MI 48909
                (517) 373-3513
                Written requests only.


Minnesota - Search & Consent - Intermediary System*


                *Court order for confidential intermediary.

                Agencies may conduct searches.


                Department Children’s Services (Adoptions)

                444 Lafayette Road

                St. Paul, MN 55155            


Mississippi - Adoption Registry - Search & Consent


                State may allow search via registry intermediaries.


                Department Human Services/Adoptions       

                PO Box 352

                Jackson, MS 39205


Missouri - Adoption Registry - Waiver System


                Missouri Division of Family Services
                Adoption Information Registry
                P.O. Box 88
                Jefferson City, MO 65103
                (573) 751-3171 or (800) 554-2222



Montana - Open - C.I.*


                *Court order for confidential intermediary.


                Adult adoptee can receive original Birth Certificate by written request   

                if their adoption was finalized before 1967. Adult adoptee can receive           

                original Birth Certificate by court order if the adoption was finalized     

                between July 1, 1967 to Sept. 30, 1997. Age of adulthood is 18.

                Family Services/ Adoptions

                PO Box 8005

                Helena, MT 59604


Nebraska - State Agency Search - State Registry


                Access Veto for adoptions finalized on or after September 1, 1988.
                Search and Consent for adoptions finalized before September 1, 1988.

                BP, BR can file affidavits with the Bureau of Vital Statistics.


                Rita Krusemark
                Division of Children & Family Services
                Department of Health and Human Services
                P.O. Box 95026
                Lincoln, NE 68509-5044
                Phone: (402) 471-9254


Nevada - Adoption Registry - Waiver System


                Division of Child and Family Services
                Adoption Registry
                Capital Complex
                711 E. Fifth Street
                Carson City, NV 89710-1002

New Hampshire - Open


                Adoptee granted access to original birth certificate at age 18 as of January 2005.


                Department Child/Families/Adoptions

                129 Pleasant Street

                Concord, NH 03301          


New Jersey - Private and State Registries - Search & Consent


                DYFS of NJ Placements only
                Department of Human Services
                Division of Youth and Family Services
                50 E. State Street
                P.O. Box 717
                Trenton, NJ 08625
                (609) 292-9139



New Mexico - Waiver System


                Court order for Confidential Intermediary


                Department of Social Services

                Adoptions - Pera Building

                PO Drawer 5160

                Santa Fe, NM 87502


New York - Adoption Registry - Agency Registries


                Adoption and Medical Information Registry*
                Department of Health
                Public Health Representative
                Corning Tower, Room 208
                Albany, NY 12237
                (518) 474-9600


                *Child must be born and adopted in New York for parties to register.    

                This registry excludes adoptees born in other states and adopted in New York

                - and the state they are born in may also deny information due to the fact that

                they were adopted in NY and their records were released to that state.


                Child/Family Services/ Adoptions

                40 N. Pearl Street

                Riverview Center, 6th Floor

                Albany, NY 12243

North Carolina - Non-ID only

                Non-identifying and health history may be released.


                Department of Social Services/Adoptions

                325 N. Salisbury

                2401 Mail Service Center

                Raleigh, NC 27603


North Dakota - Search & Consent - Adoption Registry


                An agency is allowed to search if the birth parent did not sign a veto.


                ND Department of Human Services
                Adoption Search/Disclosure
                ND Department of Human Services
                600 East Boulevard
                Bismarck, ND 58505
                (701) 328-4805


Ohio - Open & Adoption Registry


                The adoptee has access to the original birth certificate if the adoption   

                 occurred prior to January 1, 1964.


                Ohio Department of Health
                Vital Statistics
                P.O. Box 15098
                Columbus, OH 43215-0098
                (614) 644-5635


                Dept. Family Services/ Adoptions

                65 East State Street, 5th Floor

                Columbus, OH 43266


Oklahoma - C.I. Program - Adoption Registry


                Confidential Intermediary Search Program
                Oklahoma Department of Human Services
                P.O. Box 25352
                Oklahoma City, OK 73125
                (405) 521-4373


                Voluntary Adoption Reunion Registry
                Oklahoma Department of Human Services
                P.O. Box 25352
                Oklahoma City, OK 73125
                (405) 521-4373

Oregon - Open - C.I. Program - Adoption Registry - Agency Registries


                Original birth certificate available to adult adoptee.


                Oregon State Office for Services to Children and Families
                Assisted Search and Registry Program
                Permanency and Adoptions Services Unit
                HRB, 2nd Floor
                South 500 Summer Street, NE
                Salem, OR 97310-1017
                (503) 945-6643

Pennsylvania - State Registry - Intermediary Waiver System

                Allows an agency intermediary to conduct a search.

                Access to original birth certificate w/ waiver from birth parent.


                Adoption Medical History Registry Hillcrest, Second Floor
                P.O. Box 2675
                Harrisburg, PA 17105-2675
                (717) 772-7015 or (800) 227-0225


Rhode Island - State Registry - Agency release of Non ID




                State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
                Family Court, Juvenile Division
                One Dorrance Plaza
                Providence, RI 02903
                (401) 277-3352


                Child/Family Services/ Adoptions

                101 Friendship Street

                Providence, RI 02908


South Carolina - C.I. Program & Adoption Registry


                South Carolina Department of Social Services
                Adoption Reunion Register
                P.O. Box 1520
                Columbia, SC 29202-1520
                (803) 734-6095
                (800) 922-2504


South Dakota - Adoption registry


                South Dakota Voluntary Registry
                700 Governor's Drive
                Richard F. Kneip Building
                Pierre, SD 57501-2291
                (605) 773-3227


Tennessee - Open records - State Registry - Waiver System


                All records available to adult adoptee upon request. Veto only for         

                adoptees that were products of rap/incest. Contact veto.


                Department of Children’s Services/ Adoptions

                436 Sixth Avenue North

                Nashville, TN 37243


Texas - State Adoption Registry - Agency Intermediary Service


                Central Adoption Registry
                Bureau of Vital Statistics
                P.O. Box 140123
                Austin, TX 78714-0123
                (512) 458-7388


                Department of Protective Services/ Adoptions

                PO Box 149030 (E-558)

                Austin, TX 78714


Utah - State Adoption registry


                Utah Department of Health
                Vital Statistics
                288 North 1460 West
                Salt Lake City, UT 84145-0500
                (801) 538-6105


                Department Social Services/ Adoptions

                120 N. 200th West/ PO Box 45500

                Salt Lake City, UT 84103



Vermont - Adoption Registry


                Vermont Adoption Registry
                103 South Main Street
                Waterbury, VT 05671-2401
                (802) 241-2122



Virginia - Adoption agency personnel can act as intermediaries.


                Confidential intermediary appointed at adult adoptee’s request.


                Div. Social Services/ Adoptions

                730 E. Broad Street

                Richmond, VA 23219


Washington - Intermediary Waiver System


                Washington State utilizes court-appointed confidential intermediaries   

                to assist in the search process. For adoptions completed through DSHS     

                and families who adopted a child in state foster care, adoption records

                are archived through the Children's Administration headquarters office in Olympia.


                Dept. Children’s Services/ Adoptions

                PO Box 45710

                Olympia, WA 98504



West Virginia - Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry

                West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services
                Office of Social Services
                Building 6, Room 850B
                State Capital Complex
                Charleston, WV 25305
                (304) 558-2891

Wisconsin - Registry - Adoption Records Search Program


                Adoption Records Search Program
                P.O. Box 8916
                Madison, WI 53708-8916

                Phone: (608) 266-7163




Wyoming - Intermediary Program


Provides a Confidential Intermediary Program to search for biological family members.


Department of Family Services/ Adoptions

            Hathaway Building

                2300 Capitol Av., Rm 317

                Cheyenne, WY 82001





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