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When Research Etc., Inc. began back in 1995, we had no intention of investigating convicted sex offenders, much less, pedophiles. We were simply in the business of adoption searches and skip tracing. However, as our business has grown and evolved to include pre-employment and personal background screenings, we found ourselves coming across these individuals more and more often. We wondered, incredulously, how some of these convicted sex offenders were running around loose and undocumented in our communities, and so we started to gather facts about the registry system, the court system and the tactics used by of some of these criminals.

I was recently watching a recent news stories of a convicted sex offender who was paroled from prison, only to rape and molest again, this time killing the victim. I marveled as the TV “experts” hashed and rehashed the question as to why this person was loose on the streets. I realized that none of the commentators had any real answers – they were blaming the inept judge, or the parole board, or the law enforcement agencies that let him slip through the cracks. True, these are valid issues, but there is so much more that people should know, we are simply uninformed about how the system works. Chances are, unless you have been directly affected by a sex offender, or have become an advocate against these predators, you may not know certain things about them – things that can help you protect yourself and your loved ones. Frustrated, and armed with a forum to do so, I decided that I should share what we at Research Etc. have learned...

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...If you need more information about talking to your child about sex-offenders and internet safety, please visit the Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) website. The FBI also has online A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety. If you need someone checked out prior to giving them access to your home, child, your business or yourself, call Research Etc., Inc. Peace of mind doesn’t cost as much as you might think.


Kristen Hamilton, President
Research Etc., Inc.

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