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$10.00 One-Time Fee to POST
Birthline Registry has always been free to search, and for the last two years we have not charged for Postings. 
However, due to the volume of Posts we are receiving, we are again going to have to charge a one-time fee of $10.00 to cover expenses.
                                                                 Maine - Wyoming
This online birth registry is open to ALL birth family members, 18 and over, seeking birth children or grandchildren, birth parents or grandparents, birth nieces or nephews, and birth siblings.  The only information that will appear on your Birthline posting will be the sex, race, date of birth, hospital, city and state of birth, and your comments - as well as your e-mail link. To maintain your privacy and control possible spam, you may elect to use a temporary email address instead of publicizing your main email address.

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We provide adoption listings search capabilities at no charge, if you would also like to post your birth information there is a one-time $10.00 fee. We are happy for anyone to use the BIRTHLINE adoption reunion registry as an Adoption Search resource for Triad members, Searchers, and other P.I.’s. We just ask that paid Searchers and P.I.’s do not use Birthline as a source of potential clients and bother them with offers to help for a fee. We offer Birthline as a resource to those who want to handle their own adoption searches, or have already hired Research Etc., Inc. or another searcher, to assist them. Our adoptee or birth parent registrants are all fully aware of the Adoption Search services available on the web, and do not need to be “shopped” by either our competitors or ourselves. This is not to discourage genuine help - such as adoption Triad members joining forces to share specific state information, etc., or all the wonderful “Angels” that offer their assistance at no charge.


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