Business Investigation

Company/ Corporation Investigations

Research Etc. Inc. performs thorough company investigations and has access to numerous public records and archives on businesses in all states, such as:

  • Business Credit Reports
  • Corporate Bankruptcy
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Property and Asset Searches
  • Much, much more!

Corporations, Limited Partnerships, Fictitious Business Names (DBA)

State-wide or nation-wide company investigative searches can be performed using a business or individual’s name and can identify their capacity within a corporation or limited partnership. Will confirm that a business is registered to do business in a particular state. See our fees page to order or for more information.

Business Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments

This corporate search provides nation-wide financial information on individuals and businesses, such as bankruptcies, federal, state and county tax liens, judgments and notices of default. Bankruptcy search provides attorney, trustee & creditors in addition to information on the debtor. See our fees page to order or for more information.

UCC Filings

This search provides Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings. See our fees page to order or for more information.

Background/Asset Search

Public records search: SEC Filings, civil & criminal lawsuits, property ownership,  On most individuals or companies, the total search cost will not exceed the $200.00 retainer, unless actual copies of court documents are ordered. However, if multi-state record searches are needed, the search costs may go over the initial retainer amount. Please call or email to discuss your case so we may better serve you with a custom search tailored to meet your needs. Retainer: $200.00 - see our fees page to order or for more information on business investigations.

Please call (or email) us at 1-800-992-3571 if you would like to discuss having Research Etc., Inc. perform your corporate search. There is no charge to discuss your options and never an obligation. Also see our Fees page for more information.


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