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20 Sep 2006

When *Michael came to us to locate his Birthmother, he had just received his non-identifying information from the adoption agency. The story they told was a sad one. The agency had reported that his Birthmother was in High School and had been raped after a graduation party. She had been sent away to another state to have her baby and returned home after he was born. His hopes were not high for a reunion, but he felt the burning desire to reach out to her and at least try to thank this courageous woman for giving him life and the chance to be raised by two wonderful parents. Of course, if she was willing, he would love a reunion and finally be able to know who he looked like and where he came from. Hopefully, she would be willing to provide him with some medical background, but at the very least, he wanted to let her know that he was alive and well and grateful for her decision to give him life.

Our search for Michael’s Birthmother took us around the United States, but we were finally able to locate her living just four hours from Michael - a coincidence, since both were currently living on the East Coast and Michael was born on the West Coast! We called Michael and told him that we had located his Birthmother, but we could not obtain her unlisted phone number, so we would send a certified letter asking her to call us. While we waited for her response, Michael busied himself with work, though his Birthmother was never far from his thoughts. He knew that due to the circumstances, she might not be emotionally able to go forward with contact.

Four days later, a message was left on our answering service. A tearful, shaky voice said, “My name is *Anna Harris and I received your letter. I placed my son for adoption in 1968 and I hope this is what your letter is about.” We immediately returned Anna’s call and told her that we were calling about the son she had placed for adoption in 1968. She cried tears of joy and told us that she had been waiting for this call her whole life. She told us she had named him Christopher at birth. She said that her parents had been loving and supportive, but because her father was dying at the time, they felt it was all they could do to place the baby with parents who could care for him. Her whole family knew about “Christopher”, including her two adult children. They made cupcakes on his birthday each year and blew out the candle for him. They had remembered him in their holiday celebrations and prayers throughout the years. The family missed having him in their lives physically, but always kept him as a part of the family - hoping someday he would find them. The day had finally come and Anna and her family rejoiced at the news that “Christopher” was alive, well and reaching out to them. We told Anna that we would call her Birthson and let him know that she was overjoyed. But before she would let me hang up, she said, “I want you to be sure to tell him that I never stopped loving him. Before I let him go at the hospital, I held him and looked into his little face and told him that I would see him again someday. Please tell him that he has a whole family here and our arms are wide open. I just can’t wait to hold him in my arms and hug and kiss him all I want!”

We called Michael, who was waiting on pins and needles, and told him the news. He, too, was relieved and overjoyed by Anna’s response. Anna, Michael and his newfound brother and sister all spoke on the phone. They laughed and talked for two hours and made plans to meet. Within a few weeks, Michael went to meet his Birthfamily. The picture he sent spoke volumes: There was Michael, surrounded by Anna, his siblings, his grandmother and his nieces and nephews - he finally knew who he looked like where he came from and we know that Anna now has plenty of time to kiss and hug him all she wants!

*All names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.


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