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20 Sep 2006

When Research Etc., Inc. was contacted by *Rachel to find her birthmother, we had nothing to go on, other than a little bit of non-identifying information. Add to that a state that holds tight to their records, and well, we had a bit of a challenge!

“Never fear!” we told Rachel, “We love a challenge, and don’t give up without a good fight!” We went straight to work and like magic, we obtained Rachel’s birthmother’s name — *Regina Katz. Taa-daa! We searched and found a Regina Katz in the next state over from where Rachel was born, who happened to be the right age. Could it be? Was this woman still using her maiden name 32 years later? Doubtful, but worth a shot, never-the-less!

“Is this Regina Katz?” a Research Etc., Inc. staffmember asked the woman answering the phone. “Yes” was the reply. “Were you in Raleigh, North Carolina on February 6, 1966?” we asked. There was a gasp and then a silence that could send a chill up your spine. Her voice seemed to come all the way from her feet to her lips as she said, “Oh my God! Is this about Sarah?” Since our client’s name was Rachel, not Sarah, we had to ask her who Sarah was; sobbing she said, “My baby, my baby! I had to give her up! They made me give her up! Is this about her?” After confirming other information, we were finally able to say, “Yes, she is Dear, it’s really your daughter, Sarah, she is looking for you.”

Typically, we find that people are so stunned that they can’t say much, but not in Regina’s case! The flood gates opened as she cried, “Does she know I’ve looked for her for years? Does she know they made me give her up? I wanted to keep her and they MADE me give her away! You tell her I love her and I have always loved her! Tell her that, please!” We assured Regina that we would call Rachel right away — of course we did and Rachel was estatic! We mediated and arranged for Rachel to call Regina. This happened on a Thursday, and by the time Sunday rolled around Regina was on a plane to meet her birthdaughter, Rachel. As luck would have it, Rachel had to drive to an airport near Research Etc.’s office to pick Regina up — we were honored to have them as our very special guests for lunch! There was lots of laughter, tears, hugging and picture taking. After that, they headed out for the trip back to Rachel’s home.

We spoke with Rachel after their 10 day visit and she said they got along beautifully. Regina also met Rachel’s adoptive parents and said she was go grateful to them for giving Rachel such a wonderful life — And they, in return, were so grateful to Regina for giving them such a wonderful gift!

When we initially contacted Regina, she asked us how long it took to find her, as she had been searching for years and had hired other firms, to no avail. When we told her it took us five days to locate her, she about hit the floor!

Regina also called us on Mother’s Day to wish us a Hayppy Mother’s Day and to tell us how happy we had made hers for the first time — she was still crying!!

* All names, dates and locations have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients and their families. 


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