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13 Jan 2007

When Jason contacted us to assist in finding his birthmother, he was armed with lots of information he obtained during the past five years. He had her name, he had her birthdate, he knew where she was from, addresses she had been at and companies she had worked for. Simple, right? WRONG! First of all, her name was common, and second, the agency worker said she herself had tried to find her, yet she was convinced that Jason’s birthmother had fabricated her name and other information on her paperwork. What the agency worker did do, was reunite Jason with his half birthbrother, Ty in 1992. Ty, a year older than Jason, had also been relinquished through the same agency. Since then, the two have maintained a close relationship and have, together, gone in search of their birthmother...

In December, 1997, Jason contacted Research Etc., Inc. in hopes we could find his and Ty’s birthmother, Ann. Armed with all the information, we went to work and found Ann February 2, 1998. She had left for another state shortly after the two boys were born and had married. When contacted, naturally she was in shock, wondering how, after all these years we had found her. We told her that it had been tough, but, well, we are detectives and that’s just what we do here at Research Etc., Inc.! Ann readily admitted that she had relinquished the two boys and that her husband and daughter knew all about it, but she would have to talk it over with them and get their thoughts on having contact with the boys. Her biggest fear was — (common, common, common!) — that these birthsons would be ANGRY with her. That fear had haunted her for forty years! How relieved she was to know that they didn’t want to angrily confront her, but just know her; just see the woman who had cared enough to carry them each for nine months and relinquish them to families who had the wherewithal to care and raise them. She was happy to know that her birthsons had found each other and that they had a close relationship.

Acting as intermediaries, we arranged for Ann to call Jason at a time that was convenient for both of them. Ann and Jason did speak and she and her daughter have already planned a visit for mid-March! We will keep you posted!

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