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7 Apr 2007

America was a great place — Frank met, fell in love and married Jayne. He became an American Citizen and had a great job. Life was going along wonderfully, but still, he wondered about the man in the photo, his father. His wife, Jayne, contacted Research Etc., Inc. for help in finding Frank’s father.

We located Frank’s father, Lou, asking if he was in Germany after WWII and he said he was. But he denied having a child there. We sent him a letter and some photos, but got no response. Frank waited six months before he got the courage to make the call. Frank and Jayne had a trip planned to Lou’s area and hoped that he might agree to meet with them. Lou agreed and they arranged to meet at a restaurant. They immediately recognized each other (the resemblance was uncanny!).

The three days that followed were more than Frank ever dreamed! Lou and his wife were warm and accepting people. Lou told Frank that he never knew that Frank’s mother was pregnant and that this was all a very big, but happy, surprise. Frank also gained three siblings! Lou will tell them all that they have an older brother at the next family gathering. Before Frank and Jayne left, Lou handed Frank a special gift: A Bible with Frank’s name in gold on the front, and inside the inscription read: “To the son of my youth, Love, Pop.”

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients and their families


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