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Price: $1,250.00

Adoption Searches in All States

$1250.00 Retainer

Call or email today for more information on your Adoption Search at 1-800-992-3571 -or- inside Arizona: 480-991-3571. We will be happy to discuss your individual search and answer any questions you may have about our services — and as always at Research Etc., there is never an obligation and we are strictly confidential!

Since 1995, Research Etc., Inc. has completed successful adoption searches in almost all states, with 100% success rate in many states. Our services are available to any member of the Adoption Triad - Adoptee, Birthparent, or Adopted Parent. We handle the complete search through mediation. Research Etc., Inc. has solved cases for just the $1250.00 retainer amount, however, some of the searches go over that amount, with the average search costing only the minimum fee of $1250 to $2,500.


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